MechStation Five!

Known History

250ish years Ago- A great war decimates the world.
200 Years Ago- The great three cities of Victorville, Earlham, Woodcrest begin to truly flourish and some of the old world technology is recovered.
150 Years Ago- Dispute frost giant and jackal attack the cities expand.
148 Years Ago- Dispute expeditions very little historical documents are found about the past 130 years. What little oral tradition is swept away by city propaganda.
100 Years Ago- Humanity dispute heavy resistance reaches a level of technology found at the prime of the war.
80 Years Ago- The frost giants find a way into the three great cities and residents are forced to evacuate. The cities become ruins soon after.
79 Years Ago- Famines kill many and small pocket communities outside of great cities become overcrowded.
60 Years Ago- Communities begin spreading out heading in all available directions due to the old communities constantly being short on supplies.
13 Years Ago- The various communities in the west are hit by some of the biggest jackal’s raids in history.
12 Years Ago- Many residents join caravans to find a new place to live and to avoid concentrated attack.



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