Liam Bardwell

Pilot of The Green Blur


Pilot Stats:

Strength: 2
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 2
Will: 3

Personality Traits: Curious and Focused

Mech Stats:

Weapons 2
Armor 3
technology 2
Speed: 3

Linked Stats:

Attack: Weapons+ Will =5
Defense: Armor+Intelligence=5
Engineering: Technology+Strength=4
Movement: Speed+Agility=6

Skills: (Seven)

Mecha Combat: 4
Personal Combat: 1
Social: 3
Field ops: 4
Repair: 2
Medic: 1



Spend 1 overdrive to negate the effects of Jammers,
Prowlers, Flankers, Engineers, Brawlers, Snipers and

Counter fire

Spend 1 Overdrive to allocate any number of dice
from Attack to Defense.

Retractable Blade Range 0
Mounted Arm Cannon Range 3

Personal Equipment: Hidden Body Armor(+1 to defense roll)

Starting Overdrive: 2

Special Ability: This prototype can hover and fly at limited attitudes. It gains one additional die to move through difficulty terrain hovering or flying. Additionally if the mech chooses to fly above the battlefield mechs in the same section can not hit it without a critical success with range 0 weapons. If the prototype wants to use a range 0 weapon it will have to consume its two movement points to do a dive bomb range 0 attack and return to its original position in the sky. The prototype also when flying must increase it’s firing distance by one for all ranged over 1. Lastly this mech has a power issue and will need to be taken off the battlefield in eight turns for refueling.


Com bead
Tunnel Snake Jacket
1 Leather jackets
1 leather uniform jacket


Field ops kit

Commander bucks


Ironglade security cap


The Bardwell’s were family that hundred years ago would not be that high of demand but after a major war they were a commodity. The Bardwell’s were carpenters and upon arrival in the caravan they quickly went to work. As the town of Steelville was settled they found themselves busy constructing squatter shelter and temporary construction. Although they were not as affected from the social injustice as the residents they were building homes for, Liam’s parents became active participates in the spring political rallies. After the constitution was ratified the family became town heroes among almost every element of society.

So after the frost giant invasion, Liam riding the publicity of his family volunteered to join one of pilot recruitment drives. Although Liam did not rank the highest in all the tests, he did receive the position of pilot. Some claim it was due to his parents and some claim it was because the kid had indomitable will to succeed at any cost.

One year later Liam became allies with the new recruit Davis.


Liam Bardwell

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