Davis Zappala

Pilot of the Steel Levee


Pilot Stats:

Strength: 2
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 2
Will: 3

Personality Traits: Tough and Loud

Mech Stats:

Weapons 3
Armor 3
technology 2
Speed: 2



Spend 1 Overdrive to simultaneously attack all
targets in a sector. The attack roll is made only
once, but all targets (enemy and friendly) must roll
Defense against that number of successes.


Spend 1 Overdrive to receive +1 to all stability rolls for the turn.

Linked Stats:

Attack: Weapons+ Agility=6
Defense: Armor+Strength=5
Engineering: Technology+Will=5
Movement: Speed+Intelligence=4

Weapons: Shoulder Mounted Rockets Range 2
Long Range Missile range 4
Pilebunker Range 0

Pilot Skills:

Mecha Combat: 4
Personal Combat: 3
Social: 2
Field ops: 2
Repair: 1
Medic: 1

Personal Equipment: Hidden Body Armor(+1 to defense roll)

Starting Overdrive: 3


The Zappala family had a habit of getting into trouble. Between four kids and a hot headed single mother, the family found themselves moving between caravans often. However due to the desperate need for people with medical knowledge in what would become the Steelville caravan people eventually adjusted to Mrs.Zappala personality. When the town was finally found Mrs.Zappala became one of the doctors at the fledgling hospital. Her children however did not follow in her career footsteps. Davis and his younger brother Troy quickly volunteered for the mech pilot program. Davis’s older brother Max started his apprenticeship with the two only biologists in the caravan and Davis’s younger sister began a apprenticeship with one of the government officials after the ratification of first official constitution.

Davis and Troy however did not experience much success in the pilot program due to the low amount of open positions. They were offered lieutenant positions upon their thirteen birthdays in Steelville military. So after two years after the frost giant invasion Davis and Troy became members of the Steelville military. Six months later another pilot program was started and this time Davis got the position. Upon arrival at Mech Station Five however he became hearing rumors that he was only selected to keep military influence at Mech Station Five. Additionally he had trouble assimilating with several of the kids his age living at the station.

However he quickly found an ally in Liam who had been last candidate to be chosen a year before from a purely civilian selection pool.

Day-Job: On Call Pilot and Student


Davis Zappala

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