Sophia Wesley

Pilot of the Lethargic Spider


Pilot Stats:

Strength: 2
Agility: 2
Intelligence: 4
Will: 2

Personality Traits: Dynamic, Open, and Glutton

Mech Stats:

Weapons 1
Armor 4
technology 3
Speed: 2

Linked Stats:

Attack: Weapons+ Intelligence =5
Defense: Armor+Strength=6
Engineering: Technology+Will=5
Movement: Speed+Agility=4

Skills: (Seven)

Mecha Combat: 3
Personal Combat: 1
Social: 2
Field ops: 2
Repair: 4
Medic: 2



If an attack does damage, spend 1 Overdrive to prevent
the mecha from moving on its next turn.


Spend 1 overdrive to grant +2 Defense dice to all mecha in the same sector.

Gauss Cannon Range 4

Special Ability: This prototype has a army of drones for quick repairs on the battlefield. The pilot of this prototype can use the drones twice without having to spend any overdrive and all repairs to friendly mechs must be done in the same section as the prototype. This action will count as the prototype’s movement for his turn and all repairs will be completed by the end of the player’s turn. Additionally several mechs can partake in the repairs at the same time but individually will cost the corresponding amount of successes listed below.

Repair Cost:
One stability 1
Refuel: 1
Transfer Overdrive:1


Like many families after the Jackal invasion, Sophia’s parents had decided to settle down in a well armed factory in the middle of nowhere. Dispute having a abundance of mechanical parts and equipment the settlement was always on the verge of starvation. During Steelville’s first summer, a expedition party was sent to investigate Sophia’s settlement. Upon arrival they found a colony of talented engineers and physicists with a abundance of necessary mechanical parts. The two parties eventually reached a agreement that the settlement would join Steelville and the town would happily pay for their housing/food for services rendered. The parts however would become Steelville custody to eventually be evenly distributed. The settlement agreed and Lily began living in Steelville.

Many of the new residents joined the Mech Station Five project that would eventually become its own faction. As the base became more elaborate, the military gained less access without notice. The station would become a its own community and Sohpia found herself at a home surrounded by technological wonders and like minded people.

When the drone models arrived there was not much time to modify and study the designs. The mech design still seemed to be best operated by a child but unlike the other mechs required a someone with good mathematical skills and engineering know how to properly operate. Sophia volunteered to operate one of the mechs and would fight in the frost giant battle several weeks later.

Day-Job= Mech Repair Specialist and Student.


Sophia Wesley

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