Prinicpal of the School for Mutants


Mr.Hendricks has the ability to produce extremely powerful force fields capable of withstanding the punishment of a mech. As one of first residents of the town to receive mutant powers, he quickly became to lobby for mutant right’s fearing the military would take advantage of their powers. During the summer of the town’s first year he made a appeal to have a school built for the many new residents receiving mutant powers. The request was denied. Almost two years later after heavy negotiation with the now reformed government, a spot was given for the school to be built within watchful eye of Mech Station Five. The student population is now a thriving twenty five. However after the town began removing radiation sources and creating better versions of vaccines to the plague that had hit the town two years earlier, Mr.Hendricks only gained one new student this year at his school. The phenomena that created the mutants appears to be gone, now enemies of the school are watching carefully to see if the twenty five students eventually have children with powers. Mr.Hendricks of course does not actively encourage his students to create potential students and is quick to remind them they are still humans. Other then his methodology involving mutants he is a enigma. Very little is known about his private life.

Most people know Mr.Hendricks name for his efforts during the frost giant invasion. Mr.Hendricks along with two other mutants fought as a squad and assisted the pilots of Mech Station Five after their squad leader died during the frost giant invasion. All the active pilots alive today know Mr.Hendricks along with some help can fight on par with one of their 40 ton metal behemoths.



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