Lily Goliger

Pilot of the Black Fang


Pilot Stats:

Strength: 3
Agility: 4
Intelligence: 2
Will: 3

Personality Traits: Explosive and Obvious

Mech Stats:

Weapons 3
Armor 2
technology 2
Speed: 3

Linked Stats:

Attack: Weapons+ Agility=7
Defense: Armor+Will=5
Engineering: Technology+Strength=5
Movement: Speed+Intelligence=5

Skills: (Seven)

Mecha Combat: 4
Personal Combat: 2
Social: 2
Field ops: 2
Repair: 1
Medic: 2



Spend 1 Overdrive so that the mecha cannot be hit
with by opponents at range 2 or greater.


Spend 1 Overdrive to attack twice with weapons
of same damage type, rolling separately for each
attack. Even if you have Supercharged, though, you
cannot fire the same weapon in the same turn.

Energy Claws Range 0
Energy Fangs Range 0
Mounted chain Guns Range 2

Personal Equipment: Hidden Body Armor(+1 to defense roll)
leather jacket

Starting Overdrive:2


Lilly Goliger was born in a military base far to the west at height of jackal aggression. Her parents were both medium ranking military officers before the base was overrun. The survivors headed east and eventually located the caravan that would eventually form the city of Steelville. Once the valley was found and the caravan’s begin establishing factions, Goliger’s parents returned to active duty within Steelville military as one rank higher in specialized positions. Although they did not agree with a military governed state, they opposed the corrupt government officials of the first government body.

When the discovery that children could pilot the recently discovered mechs began spreading throughout the colony, Lilly’s parents were quick to volunteer their daughter for the joint
civilian/military training program that was quickly founded. Their daughter of course agreed to this idea because the thought of piloting a mech sounded exciting. Lilly along with a young ten year old boy named Tom, began training for the day a second mech would be produced. It would take six months for the mech to be produced and about three weeks for the modifications to be made that prevented long term health complications. In the three weeks Tom piloted the original mech in short bursts.

Lily and Tom quickly developed a healthy rivalry and friendship. As new pilots were brought in to operate the new exotic drone models, the pair quickly developed a mental image of being the only two real pilots at Mech Station Five. This superiority complex would continue until the battle with the frost giants were Tom died from a well coordinated strike. After the battle Sophia approached Lily offering her condolences and friendship. Three year later Lily believes she is best pilot at Mech Station Five and sees her fellow pilots as worthy competition.

Day Job: Prototype Tester and Student


Lily Goliger

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