Takuto "Death Robot Pilot" Starwind

A squad


Strength 2
Willpower 2
Intelligence 3
Agility 3

Weapons 4
Armour 1
Technology 2
Speed 3

Boomer (spend 1 overdrive to BLOW UP ALL THE THINGS)
Berserker (spend 1 overdrive to attack twice with weapons of the same type of damage)

Beam submachine gun range 2, energy damage
Beam submachine gun range 2, energy damage
Missile pod range 4, explosive damage
Missile pod range 4, explosive damage

Attacks: Weapons + Intelligence = 7
Defence: Armour + Strength = 3
Engineering: Technology + Willpower = 4
Movement: Speed + Agility = 6

Overdrive: 2

Mecha Combat: 4
Personal Combat: 3
Social: 1
Field ops: 3
Repair: 1
Medic: 1

Pilot gear
Armour + 1 defence
Battle rifle range 4, kinetic damage


Special ability: 2 CHEST HIGH WALLS


Takuto became part of the military around 4 years ago, and became a pilot of test article 03 “Verdant Fury”, which was originally fitted with extreme long range heavy cannon, it has since been refitted with mixed range armaments to make it more flexible. This has led to Takutos fighting style being based around “they can’t hit me if they’re all dead” as the defences of the mech are weak, but the firepower is insane.
He is generally calm, but won’t stand for people messing with HIS mech (that means you Liam!), which he often treats more as a person then he perhaps should. He can seem quite stiff, but generally loosens up while off duty.

“Verdant Fury”


A lightly armoured mech designed to get into position quickly and unleash it’s payload for maximum devastation before switching position, if it absolutely must hold a position it can deploy convenient chest high walls to help protect itself and allies

Takuto "Death Robot Pilot" Starwind

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